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County Treasurer - Cathy "Kitty" Merkley

phone (812) 481-7080


County Treasurer

Cathy L. "Kitty" Merkley

The county treasurer acts as custodian of all money belonging to the county.  The office of treasurer is a constitutional office. The term of office is fixed at four years and may not exceed two consecutive terms. The treasurer’s office maintains checking accounts held by the county and also invests monies on available county funds. The office of the treasurer receives information needed for property tax calculation and issues tax statements to each taxpayer.

The Treasurer’s duties also include:

  1. Liquor license clearances.
  2. Clearances for moving mobile homes.
  3. Transferring titles for mobile homes.
  4. Collection and distribution of the Innkeepers' Tax.
  5. Bankruptcy claims.
  6. Reconciles bank checking accounts held by the county.
  7. Maintains a daily ledger and monthly financial statement.
  8. Collection of Property Taxes.
  9. Serves as secretary to the County Board of Finance.