Child Support

Child Support

If you have a court order in Dubois County stating you should pay Child Support through the Clerk’s Office or INSCCU, please visit this office to get your case set up. Participants must provide name, address, phone, and social security number for each person in the case. Please remember to keep this information up to date with this office. Once completed, the Child Support staff will discuss policy and procedures with you.

Modify Court Orders:

The Clerk’s office cannot start, stop, increase, or decrease Child Support within the ISETS system without a Court Order. If you do not have an attorney, please refer to for court forms and instructions.

Payment Methods:

  • This office only accepts cash payments.
  • Please use the following link for additional payment options-
  • Garnishments from paychecks-please refer to for Income Withholding Order paperwork and instructions.

Payment Inquiries:

To inquire about payments by phone, please contact the KIDSLINE-1-800-840-8757.

Payments can be viewed only online at

Check last 5 payments @

Printouts of a Payment History can only be obtained in the Clerk's office by the parties on the case or their attorneys.

Receiving Child Support:

Child Support will be distributed in one of two ways, either added to a debit card issued by the State of Indiana or by check.


If you need your case enforced, please contact the Dubois County Prosecutor's Office, Child Support Division or call (812) 482-1818.

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