Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my tax statement online or see my past payments? 
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How do I get a receipt?
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Do I have my exemptions? 
Exemptions are listed on the 2nd page of the tax statement. There is a table in the bottom right corner, titled "Table 5: Deductions". If you don't see your deductions or have a question about them please call the Auditors Office 812-481-7000

"I thought my bank was supposed to pay."
If your property taxes are escrowed in with your mortgage payment you will see "IN ESCROW" written diagonally in a gray watermark across your tax statement. 

Why did my property taxes go up?
More than likely your property assessment increased. On page 2 of your tax statement in table 1, you can see a comparison of this year to last year. If you have a question about the assessed property value, please call the Assessors Office 812-481-7010.

County Treasurer

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