County Council

County Council

   Michael W Kluesner, President
   Sonya Haas
   Alex P Hohl
   Doug Uebelhor
   Ryan Craig
   Meredith Voegerl
   Daryl Schmitt

The County Council has seven elected officials, four members are elected from their districts and three members are elected at large. County Council members form the treasury of county government. These members control the funds needed by the county departments, such as county highway, health department, county landfills, county jail and its sheriff, deputies, and employees. The County Council has the power to adopt certain taxes such as County Local  Income Tax (LIT), County Innkeeper's Tax, along with a wheel tax and surtax on cars, motorcycles, trucks and trailers.

A few of the duties of the County Council include:

  1. Review and adopt the annual budget from the many county agencies.
  2. Fix the tax rates for the county.
  3. Establish the salaries of county employees.
  4. Approve the sale or lease of county property.
  5. Make appointments to boards and committees:
  • Park and Recreation Board
  • Regional Planning Commission
  • Alcohol and Beverage Commission
To be placed on the County Council meeting agenda, please call the Dubois County Auditor's Office at 812-481-7000 or email

Rules of Meeting Decorum

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