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County Commissioners

Counties in Indiana elect 3 commissioners to preside on the Board of Commissioners. The officials are elected by popular vote for a 4-year term and must live in the district they represent. The commissioners make up the Executive Board of our County Government and form the legislative body for local ordinances that need to be passed. County Commissioners are also responsible for the administration of all county business. Many duties and responsibilities belong to the Commissioners. A few functions of the Board of County Commissioners are:

1. Maintain and supervise county properties such as 

  • Courthouse
  • Jail
  • Highway Department
  • Annex Buildings
2. Audit and authorize the bills against the county.
3. Establish voting precincts in the county.
4. Supervise the building and maintenance of roads and bridges, also authorize county road maps.
5. Serve with others on the County Drainage Board.
6. Help establish the salaries of county officers and their employees.
7. Oversee county waste disposal through the County Solid Waste Department.
8. Provide park and recreation facilities through the County Park Board.