Marriage License Info

Marriage License

 Certified copies of marriage licenses are available in the Clerk’s office for $4.00 each.


You can obtain a marriage license by applying at the Dubois County Clerk’s office.  If you would like to pre-apply online to save time, you can do that by going online at  When coming into the office to finalize, please let the Clerk know that you have started online.

Hours for Marriage License: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am - 3:30pm and Wednesday from 8:00am - 5:30pm.

Fee:(Effective 07/01/2021) 
Indiana residents $29
Military will receive 5 certified copies 
Out of state $65

The license is good immediately and up to 60 days after marriage application date. Please note the clerk's office cannot make exceptions to this.  You will need a court order to record your marriage date if it is after the expiration date on the marriage license.   


Forms of identification accepted to apply:
VALID United States Driver’s License  or
VALID passport  or
Certified birth certificate  Please note…The birth certificate must be translated if it is not in English.  Both the certified translated version and original version are required.

If you are a resident of Indiana and getting married in Indiana…
One or both of you must reside in Dubois County.  You must apply in the county you reside if you live outside of Dubois CountyYou must show proof of residency.

If both applicants live out of state and are getting married in Indiana…
They must go to the county that they are to be married in to get the marriage license.

If you reside in Indiana and you are wanting to get married out of state, apply in the county you are getting married.

Information Needed
Place of Birth
Social Security Numbers
Parents' Place of Birth and Residence
Mother’s Maiden Name
Number of Marriages:  When and how the last marriage ended
Dependent Children:  Full Names and Date of Births

Getting Married at the Courthouse:  The Clerk and Circuit Court Judge will perform ceremonies as it fits with their schedules.  Please call the appropriate office to schedule.

Clerk:  (812)481-7035                     Judge: (812)481-7020

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