Common Questions

Common Questions

Where can I get a copy of my Birth Certificate?
Birth Certificates can be found at the Health Department in the county in which you were born.
Dubois County Health Department information is:
1187 South Saint Charles Street
Jasper, Indiana
Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm
You can reach them at (812) 481-7050

Where can my marriage license be found?
A Marriage License can be found in the county in which you lived at the time the license was issued.  If you were married out of state but lived in Indiana, you can obtain the marriage license in the county of the state you were married.

When can my bond money be released back to me?
Bond money is only returned if the defendant has been sentenced on that case and does not have any other court fees due with the Clerk's office, Probation, or Community Corrections. Bond money is only returned to the person who's name was listed on the bond paper.  The bond check will be mailed to the person who posted.  Please make sure your address is updated with the clerk's office if you posted bonded.

Can the Clerk's Office inform me of a warrant?
No, the Clerk's Office cannot inform someone if they have a warrant.

What Attorney should I get?
Here is a list of Attorneys in Dubois County

Clerk's Office