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                                                                      EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY

                                                                     FULL TIME DEPUTY AUDITOR

Qualifications: Experience working with public and customer service is helpful.  Ability to organize work. Ability to keep/maintain accurate records.  Must be able to multi-task and work with limited supervision.  Work is performed
within specific procedural and legal guidelines requiring exercise of judgment in complex situations, Indiana codes and procedure manuals available for consultation.  Ability to operate standard office equipment, apply standard bookkeeping/accounting practices, interpret and apply applicable state laws, basic mathematical formulas in
calculating land values, tax exemptions, tax rates, and interest.  Ability to communicate effectively and professionally.

Job Duties:
Works with Treasurer and Assessor to correct all county taxation errors.  Tax calculations. Aid taxpayers and County employees with problems concerning taxation, interest, and delinquencies.  Enters recharges/demands (including AFCS collection) processing.  Calculate back taxes, penalties and charges for classified forest withdrawals. Code inquiry. Computer inputs information regarding mobile home, personal property, utility , oil and gas assessments. Maintains abatements, geothermal deductions (includes IDEM correspondence for certification), non-for-profit and government exemptions.  Help input all other county tax deductions on taxing system.  Files all necessary year-end reports regarding abatements, corrections and refunds.  Assists  bookkeeper with June & December settlements.   Assists public in
locating real estate parcels on maps/aerial photos; real estate transfers, assessment records, filing deductions, purchasing maps - collect fees.
Salary: competitive wages, negotiable based on experience

Application Deadline: December 10, 2018

Please submit resume via email to

                                                PART-TIME SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNCIL COORDINATOR

Qualifications: A college degree in health or social services or in a related field is preferred, or previous job experience to meet specific responsibilities.  Knowledge of Council goals and objectives preferred.  Presentation and good communication skills, as well as written and oral skills are essential.  Office experience and computer skills are needed. Coordinator should be able to demonstrate strong public relations, organizational skills, be self-sufficient and able to work independently.  Have the ability to make sound decisions and the ability to assess needs and develop a program from start to finish.

Job Duties:  Coordinate the local council in carrying out duties to reduce substance misuse and its associated problems in Dubois County; submit reports to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute; facilitate meetings and prepare agendas; manage public service announcements; maintain files, grant applications, progress reports, and other documents, as well as any other assigned duties to assist in carrying out the Council’s mission.  Approximately 20 hours monthly.

Salary: competitive wages,negotiable based on experience

Application Deadline:  December 31, 2018

Please include cover letter, resume and the Dubois County Employment Application located on the County of Dubois website under job openings.  Submit via email to

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