Small Claims


The Small Claims office is a division of Superior Court and is located on the main floor of the Dubois County Annex building. As of January 1, 2022 the amount limit will be used for collecting debts under the amount of $10,000 for individuals and $6,000 for businesses without an attorney or up to $10,000.00 with an attorney.  Individuals may file claims with or without an attorney present.  The filing fee for small claims is $97.00 to file against one person.  There is an additional $10.00 fee for each additional defendant.  There is an additional $28.00 Sherriff Fee to have the papers served by the Sheriff.  It is necessary to have the current address of the person you are filing against and to specify the amount you are filing for.  The defendant must either live in Dubois County or the transaction must have occurred in Dubois County to be filed in Dubois County Small Claims Court.