Highway Department

Highway Department

Highway Department Hours:                                                                      Dubois County Map:
6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday                                                          Click Here

The Dubois County Highway Department is a staff of 31 employees managed by the Superintendent and County Engineer at the discretion of the three County Commissioners. This staff is made up of the Superintendent, Engineer, two office clerks, two mechanics who maintain a fleet of 64 motorized vehicles, and a four-member bridge crew that maintain a bridge inventory of 164 bridges of over 20 feet in length. The department staffs one driver for the collection and disposition of material at the 8 local collection sites. The 20 staff members not mentioned earlier all help to maintain a County road system of 660 miles made up of 384 miles of hot mix asphalt, 143 miles of chip seal surface, 112 miles of gravel and 21 miles of fair weather, or commonly known as dirt roads. All of these road miles exist outside of areas that are maintained by any street limits of incorporated cities or towns, as well as any roadways managed by the Indiana Department of Transportation.
Spring and summer operations include road right of way vegetation management such as roadside mowing and brush cutting, ditch management, bridge and culvert replacement, road paving and patching, surface treatment application, and centerline road striping.
Fall and winter operations include ditch management, shoulder berming, bridge and culvert replacement, crack seal repair, and snow and ice removal. Snow and ice removal of our 527 miles of hard surfaced roads are patrolled by 5 road graders, 10 truck plows, 6 granular material spreaders, and 2 liquid brine applicator trucks.
Each fall the Highway Department conducts countywide pavement evaluations to stay on top of our maintenance and paving activities for our road system to achieve a high level of maintenance. The Department on an every other year schedule conducts a road sign and marker inventory and condition evaluation to stay on top of the condition and existence of the more than 5000 signs and markers in our care.
We are proud of the service and product that we provide. All road paving, maintenance, and sign replacement decisions are made within the structure of our current budget restraints and as practical as can be done for the citizens of Dubois County. 

Current Road Closures

Current Road Closure Map:
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 County Highway Department Projects
2024 Road Paving  & Maintenance Plan                                                                                               

Upcoming Highway Department Bridge Projects: 
Bridge #254 on St. Anthony Rd West south of 350 South (Complete Structure Replacement)

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