Gravel Road to Chip & Seal Road Program

Dubois County Highway Department Gravel Road To Chip/Seal Conversion Program

Policy #0603-19

Instructions/Cover Sheet

Land Owner Petition Form

Sample Score Sheet

Due to demand for the conversion of gravel roads to chip/seal roads, the Dubois County Commissioners and Highway Department are revising the guidelines for the process of doing so.  These revisions are implemented to better organize and extend our finances and continue the program through a fair and equitable policy.
            A primary objective of the Dubois County Board of Commissioners and Highway Department is to make our services available to as many citizens as our budget will permit.  These revisions will enable county residents to apply for the roadway improvements they desire, while applying consistent standards to each roadway classification.
            To qualify for acceptance, each petitioning group must fulfill all applicable requirements of this program.  It must be understood that unforeseen events could possibly delay or speed up the timeline of construction of these projects, since a majority of these projects will be completed by County Highway Department Personnel.  The County Commissioners reserve the right to adjust the schedule and funding to fit the needs of the County as a whole.
            These guidelines were approved at a Dubois County Commissioners’ Meeting and became effective on June 3, 2019.  Since some residents have already submitted applications and right of way documents prior to these guidelines, they will be kept at the top of the list, in the order they were prior to this program, until they are complete.

Plan / Steps for the process:

1.)    Obtaining the Right of Way Petition Document.

  1. 60’ of total Right of Way (30’ either side of the center line of the roadway).
  2. The Petition should include the origin and terminus of the conversion project and must extend from intersection to intersection.
  3. The Petition must be signed by all property owners that own a parcel of property along the section of road wishing to be converted over.  The signatures must be Notarized.

2.)     Complete the “Land Owner Petition Form for Converting a Gravel Road into a Chip/Seal Road”.

  1. One property owner, along the section of road to be converted, will need to be listed as the point of contact for the Highway Department to communicate with.

3.)     A score sheet, for the Petitioned Project, will be completed by the Highway Department.

  1. The final score will let the Highway Department know where to place the project into list of order of completion.
  2. In the winter of each year, the score sheets will be reevaluated and reorganized based on the new scores.
  3. The Property Owner representative will be contacted and updated with the scoring, and organizational chart.

Dubois County Highway Department