Pre to 3

Pre to 3

What is Pre to 3?
Pre To 3 is a home-visiting program designed to support families during pregnancy and until the baby is 3 years old. A Community Health Worker visits the family each week and uses the Growing Great Kids™ curriculum to teach important skills that build a healthy home. 

Who Qualifies?

Pregnant women and infants under 90 days old can participate. This includes grandparents, men/fathers, same-sex couples, and single women. The person must live in Dubois County, Indiana.

What Happens During a Home Visit?
Each week, the Community Health Worker will do an activity with the caregiver/parent and the baby. The activities teach important skills that support healthy growth and development. Examples of topics and activities include:
  •  What happens during pregnancy 
  • Information about labor and delivery
  • Choosing breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • How to connect with the new baby
  • Postpartum depression and/or anxiety
  • Basic care of a newborn
  • Safe sleep instructions
  • Information on physical and emotional development
  • Car seat education/inspection
  • Positive ways to handle the stress and emotions of being a parent

Who Visits Me and My Family?
Each parent/guardian/caregiver is assigned a Community Health Worker (CHW). The CHW visits the home every week and shares the curriculum in Growing Great Kids™. Community Health Workers bring in other professionals when needed. This includes a registered nurse, social worker, lactation consultant, and more.

What's the Cost?
Pre To 3 is a free program provided by the Dubois County Health Department. Diapers provided with each visit completed. 

Who Should I Contact?
812-481-7050 or