Lead Testing

Lead testingThe Dubois County Health Department is responsible to investigate reports of elevated childhood lead levels. IAC 410, Chapter 29 provides the rule governed by the Indiana State Department of Health. Ingestion of lead by children is dangerous and may result in behavioral and developmental issues, hearing loss as well as internal organ damage.  Children living in homes built prior to 1978 are at particular risk for exposure.

Childhood lead exposure/poisoning is a common environmental issue. Lead exposure is PREVENTABLE. Parents can protect their child from lead poisoning.  The first step is to identify risk factors.

Possible sources of lead exposure includes:

  • Lead based paint – often found in homes built prior to 1978
  • Water pipes
  • Imported canned goods, candy, and cosmetics
  • Soil
  • Household dust-especially in homes with lead based paint present
  • Pottery-imported is at highest risk
  • Toys
  • Lead bullets
  • Certain Occupations: auto repair, mining, pipe fitting, battery manufacturing, construction, painting.

Children beginning at 12 months of age should be screened for lead risk annually and tested appropriately.  The Dubois County Health Department offers a finger-stick test for the cost of $15.00.  Those with Medicaid insurance can have this test billed
Please call for an appointment to schedule a lead test.   (812) 481-7056

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