Septic Permits

Septic Permits

Per Dubois County Ordinance 2011-1 and State Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3, before any onsite residential sewage disposal system (septic system) is constructed in Dubois County, Indiana, a septic permit must be obtained from the Health Department.

The installer of the system must have an installer's permit from the Dubois County Health Department.  (List of Permitted Installers) 

The steps to install a system are as follows:

A soil evaluation must be conducted by a certified Soil Scientist to determine system feasibility, location, selection and design.  (List of Registered Soil Scientists Near Dubois County)

A plan of the onsite sewage disposal system must be completed by the installer and submitted to the Dubois County Health Department for approval.  Dubois County Plan Review

The proposed site for the septic system must be verified by the Dubois County Health Department after plans have been submitted.

Once the Plan and Site Review are completed, one can obtain a permit by coming to the Dubois County Health Department and providing the following:  

  • Name and Phone Number
  • Address of Proposed Site (or current address if address is not yet available)
  • Approximate Value of Construction (not including land)
  • Lot Size
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Square Feet of Living Area
  • Water Supply Utility Company
  • Method of Payment - Cash, check, or credit card (credit card payments incur a 3% service fee)

A septic permit must be issued prior to commencement of construction of residence or commercial building. 

a.  Notification of Health Department by owner or installer required prior to beginning of construction
b.  Installation of system verified according to approved plans, under proper soil conditions.
c.  Inspection must be made by Dubois County Health Department before system can be given final approval.
d.  Components of the system are GPS located in the field using a Trimble handheld unit and then uploaded to counties Think GIS map. Homeowner may request this drawing at any time in the future.

NOTE:  Permits for Septic Systems in Dubois County were instated in 1978. Any system build prior to this, or that does not have a permit on record from the Dubois County Health Department may be an illegal system, and may be subject to order of update by the Health Department. If you are purchasing a home with a septic system, it is recommended that you verify whether or not the system is permitted with the Health Department, and get it corrected if it is not. If you are suspect that your septic system may be in failure, please contact the Health Department for assistance in taking the proper steps to verify or correct the issue.  

Septic Maintenance Procedures are always suggested for a homeowner to follow once the septic system is installed to get the maximum life expectancy.  We recommend pumping your septic tank every 3-5 years.

Septic Tank Pumpers List

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