Dubois County CASA


Who is a CASA?

Court Appointed Special Advocates are community volunteers trained to represent the best interests of children who are part of the court system due to abuse or neglect. As a CASA, you can make a huge difference in a child’s life during this uncertain time.

Advocates are assigned their first case after 30 hours of training. This training consists of class time, reading, courtroom observation, and shadowing a seasoned volunteer on a visit. Once training is completed, advocates have the support of the CASA staff.

CASAs average 5-7 hours a month on their cases. They must be available to attend court hearings approximately once every three months and team meetings approximately once a month. CASAs are also required to complete at least 12 hours of in-service training per year.

What is the process to become a volunteer?

1. Click on Apply Now below and complete the application. You will need the email addresses of 3 references who are not family.  It is a good idea to have those ready before starting the application.
2. Once your application is submitted, the Director will contact you to set up a personal interview.
3.  You will join other potential CASA volunteers in a training class.  This class will be held twice a week for four weeks.  This training will also include courtroom observation and shadowing a seasoned volunteer.
4. Once sworn in as an advocate, you will receive your first case and will have the support of your supervisor and other seasoned volunteers.

Next New Volunteer Class begins February 2019
Class will be 8 sessions held from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. on:
   Tuesday, February 19                   Thursday, February 21
   Tuesday, February 26                   Thursday, February28
Tuesday, March 12                        Thursday, March 14
         Tuesday, March 19                        Thursday, March 21        

Apply Now

You can help provide funding for the program both now and in the future by making a tax-deductible gift to the Dubois County CASA Endowment through the Dubois County Community Foundation.

Leadership Team

Deena Hubler, Director                     adhubler@duboiscountyin.org                812-639-0143

Kristie Foote, Supervisor                  knfoote@duboiscountyin.org                   812-631-2458

Deanna Baur, Supervisor                   dlbaur@duboiscountyin.org                       812-639-4854

 Current Volunteers

Angie Anderson  Jason Green  Patty Osser
Kimberly Becher  Lisa Guthrie  Cricket Rumbach 
Becky Beckman  Tina Martin Angie Sanchez-Hostetter 
Ginny Begle  Janelle Hasenour  Jamie Seitz
Lee Begle  Tammy Hawkins  Lori Wigand
Alicia Bies-Pfau  Kaye Jerrell  Leonard Spellmeyer
Clayton Boyles  Dawn Kilian  Amanda O'Brien
Laura Buck  Nicole Lampert Debra Schmitt 
Cindy Stewart Brenda Krempp  Janet Sendelweck 
Renee  Nord Kim Lampert-Tucker  Ann Staff 
Jennifer Daunhauer  Kelly Lehmkuhler  Michelle Sternberg 
Shawn Dooley  Dianne Matheis  John Yoder
Bryan Heeke Jane Merder  Heath Wright
Jane Flannagan  Ann Metzger  Sarah Wendholt 
Jason Piper Julie Monetta   Tonya Eckert
Sally Gogel Fischer  Mary Poston  Angie Schuch
Annie Gramelspacher  Rafaela Schaick  Brooke Sanders 
Ken Rihm  Kitty Recker  Rachelle Beckman
Brian Dale Aubrey Fogle Theresa Gilley
Audrey Fleck  Kim Harmon  Josseline Lopez Mendoza 

Volunteer Testimonials

"I volunteer because every child deserves to be heard and have a voice – Sarah Wendholt, Volunteer"

"We were comfortably retired when we decided it was time to give back to our communities. We chose the CASA program because we both had a desire to help children. As a couple, we have found it to be beneficial to share processes and experiences, as well as to provide support and advice to each other. This is our way of “paying it forward” and the payback in helping children in immeasurable – Lee & Ginny Begle, Volunteers"

"Wanting change doesn’t make it happen. Just thinking about a child doesn’t impact their life. Volunteering does! If you want good things to happen for the children in our community, volunteer now! – Tammy Warner, Volunteer"

A History of Helping

The National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (CASA) was founded in 1984 to train volunteers to become court-appointed advocates for abused or neglected children in court cases. The nonprofit group, based in Seattle, has 940+ offices and more than 77,000 volunteers in every state but North Dakota (where child advocates are paid professionals).

In 1991, Judge Hugo (Chad) Songer initiated the Dubois County CASA program to advocate for children who had been abused or neglected. This was partially in response to state legislation which mandated a CASA for the most serious Children in Need of Services (CHINS) cases.

In 2005, the state law was changed to require a CASA for all CHINS cases, regardless of severity. The Dubois County CASA program, as it existed at the time, was not prepared to handle the increased caseload. John Siebert agreed to become Director of the CASA Program, where he spearheaded a strong effort to recruit additional CASA volunteers. The effort was largely successful and the Dubois County CASA program expanded to meet the needs of the county. In March of 2007, the Dubois County CASA Program was recognized by the State Office of CASA as a state-certified program in compliance of all standards.