Advisory Board

Community Corrections Advisory Board

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Advisory Board Members

Tom Kleinhelter - Sheriff
Beth Schroeder - Prosecutor
Nathan Schmitt - Mayor's Designee
Judge Anthony Quinn - Criminal Jurisdiction
Judge Nathan Verkamp - Criminal Jurisdiction
Judge William Weikert - Criminal Jurisdiction
Tim Demotte - Public Defender
Paula Rasche - Victim Advocate
Jeremy Kibby - Previously Incarcerated Individual
Amanda Holt - DCS Director
Dana Wood - Mental Health Representative
Natosha Messmer - CASA
Alex Hohl - County Fiscal Body
Jennifer Lampert - Chief Probation Officer
Melissa Niehaus - Juvenile Probation Officer
Tara Rasche - Educational Administrator
Brett Hurm - Psychologist
Doug Tarvin - Lay Person
Jonathan Burton - Lay Person
Chad Blessinger - Lay Person
Bridget Seaton - Lay Person

The Dubois County Community Corrections Advisory Board will meet on the following schedule outlined below.  All 2024 meetings are scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM EST at Dubois County Community Corrections.

Tuesday, January 9
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, May 14
Tuesday, July 9
Tuesday, September 10
Tuesday, November12

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