Transfer Information

Transfer Information and Guidelines

Attorneys, prosecutors, other county Community Corrections entities, or individuals wishing to request a transfer of an individual’s supervision to Dubois County Community Corrections should do so using the link below.  Someone will contact the individual requesting the transfer within 5 business days. 

For Work Release transfers, pre-approval is required, and transfers should be requested using the form below; however, bunks will not be promised or reserved more than one week in advance.  Transferring entities shall be advised to recontact Community Corrections not more than seven days prior to sentencing to ensure a bunk is available at that time.

All participants accepted into Dubois County Community Corrections Supervision Programs shall have all outstanding balances paid to Dubois County Community Corrections prior to acceptance.  

Prior to beginning supervision with Dubois County, Work Release transfers will pay a one-time $75.00 transfer fee, and $75.00 for their starter-kit. 

  • Transfer Fee -- $75.00
  • Starter-Kit -- $75.00
    • Total = $150.00

Prior to beginning supervision with Dubois County, Home Detention transfers will pay a one-time transfer fee of $75.00 and a one-time fee of $75.00 for their electronic monitoring hook-up.  

  • Transfer Fee: $75.00
  • Hook-Up Fee -- $75.00
    • Total = $150.00 

Upon acceptance, all participants will obtain and maintain full-time employment, submit to all random drug screens, participate in evidence-based programming as referred by their case manager based on individual assessment results, follow all rules and regulations of Dubois County Community Corrections and make weekly payments.  

If the participant violates the supervision agreement in any way, a petition to revoke placement will be filed and the participant will return back to county of sentence.  The participant shall be transported back to the transferring county within 72 hours of the revocation. 

To request a transfer, please contact Emily Meyer at or (812) 481-2440 ext. 2288

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