911 Communications Center

911 Communications Center

Located in Jasper, the Dubois County (9-1-1) Communications Center handles emergency and non-emergency calls for public safety agencies throughout Dubois County, with the exception of Jasper Police and Jasper Fire Departments. As the Primary Warning Point for Disasters and Tornados, the Communications Center begins a public notification process that spreads throughout Dubois County within minutes. The County provides a radio communications system backbone for all of the agencies that are served by the Communications Center

Staffed with sixteen full time employees, Dubois County Communications Center serves the public and response agencies with highly trained Dispatchers and state-of-the-art equipment.   Among other Certifications, all Dispatchers are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch, and can help stabilize a patient until medical help arrives at a scene.   A minimum of two dispatchers are on-duty at all times.

The Dubois County Communications Center Director answers directly to the Board of Commissioners, and is a hired position.

Department Contact

Stuart Wilson, Director